Friday Finds : Hella items Samhain special

A beautiful tribute to the Norse goddess Hel from Northern Tamarisk 🙂

Northern Tamarisk

I’m resurrecting Friday Finds, since I haven’t done one for a while. Here are some of my favourite Hella items available on Etsy at the moment:

Hella statue Hella Statue by L’Artefatto Esoterica (Italy) –

Hella statue 2 by PantheonSkulptur (Sweden) –  –  I personally can attest to the quality of these – I have a gold Hella from PantheonSkulptur

Hela wooden 2 Hel wooden statue by PaganStudioYarinka (Ukraine) –

Hela wooden 4 Handcrafted wooden statue of Hela by TheNorseWayShop (Ukraine) –

Hela wooden Hel Goddess Wooden Linden Statue by AmritaSPB (Russia) –

Hela wooden3 Small Handcrafted Statue of Hel by TheSlavicWay (Ukraine) –

hella pendant Hela the horned one pendant by CorvidAna (Canada) –

Hela ring Viking ring with Hel by RuneWorkshopOleg (Russia) –

Hella print Hela of Helheim by kiwifruitbird (USA) –

Hella print 2 Raven Wraith PRINT, Norse Goddess Hel art by ElementalOtherworld (UK) –

Hella print 3 Hel, Norse God: The Book of Penumbra by BoundbyCooksey (USA) –

hella colouring Hel colouring page…

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