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Supporting Handmade However It’s Made

It’s that time of year when I’ve been thinking about my direction again. As some visitors to my Facebook page will know, autumn seems to do this to me. The chaos of life undoing itself before my eyes makes me look to my own life and question, question, question. It can be unsettling but is part of a natural process and I trust that the other side of this seasonal transition will bring a certain peace. However, this year some of my internal leaf-wrenching is amplified because I am reflecting and trying to make a decision about my own position within a situation that has brought a lot of anguish to a lot of people. It seems the autumn storm has been howling loudly over at a certain art & crafting marketplace recently and while I have held back from getting involved with the heated debate in the forum, I have been watching, incredulously, at some of what has been going on. Read more…

The Creative Drum: Finding Our Natural Rhythm

I was feeling a bit unsure of what to write about this week. I had lots of ideas in my head but was struggling to pick one and settle on it. In the end it was a great post from The Butterfly Hobbyist on ‘craft block’ that helped me make my decision. As I commented on that post I found myself writing about something which had been on my mind to blog about, so here we are .

I’ve called this post ‘The Creative Drum’ because I believe that we all have a natural creative rhythm and that when we find it and listen to it then we can get the most out of our working periods. I might be wrong about this, it might just be me – everyone’s different – so feel free to disagree! It’s just that I’ve watched so many people sweating over what they perceive as a block, that I’m convinced that what we need is a mind shift in the way that we look at it. Read more…

Making Odin

Well, the bank holiday weekend brought with it some fresh inspiration, or perhaps simply the impetus to act on an idea that had been swimming around in my imagination for a while now.  I decided to tackle a new figurine in clay, this time Odin, the All Father from Norse mythology.

Odin is considered the ruler of the Asgard realm, home to the Aesir Gods within the Norse pantheon.  He rules from Valhalla, whose halls house fallen warriors, lifted from the battlefield by the Valkyries.  From his throne he is able to look out across the nine kingdoms of the Norse cosmos, and with the help of his two ravens – Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory) – he is able to know all that happens across these realms. Read more…

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