Elder Mother

Inspired by the beloved Elder tree that stands near my old home…

My wizened friend
Stands in unassuming grace,
Her skin like snake scales
And thirsty mudflats,
Twisted limbs
Of pithy knot-work
Bearing leaves the colour
Of empty wine bottles,
Champagne flowers
Frothing on dainty umbels
Flecked with sunlight.
But no scent of Virgin blossom
Hangs in her warm haze.
Elder Mother smells of wombs
And the wisdom of roots,
Her eyes sparkling
With distant stars and
The light of souls wandering
Dark vessels of generation,
Husks and seeds moving
In endless passage
As her heart’s lantern shines.

Blood berries drip
From her limbs
As the sun sets
And the crows fly home.

(copyright Beth Rees)

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