Midwinter Child

Part poem, part ritual invocation, this piece celebrates the Winter Solstice and the return of the sun in the midst of the longest night. It is just a fraction of increase, a tiny spark, a newborn child that must gain strength before we can fully experience it’s light and warmth. It is the moment when the earth starts Her long journey back towards life and growth.

Dreaming babe,
Sweet child born
Out of the blood of
The Holly thorn,
Out of the void of
The midnight sky,
Born to live
And born to die
In the promise of growth
And leaves of green,
In the promise of light
As yet unseen,
In the promise of fruit
And bread and corn
That fills the cup
Of the summer’s horn,
That fills the cup
With light and seed
And turns the wheel
To set us free from
Death and darkness
Grief and fear,
You warm the heart,
Bring forth the tears
That fall in the shade
Of the living tree
Where you melt the ice,
For you are the key
That wakes once more
This sleeping earth,
As the mother is born
From out your birth.

So do not heed
The winter air,
But rest in the warmth
Of Her loving care,
For all that you are
Is yet to come
In the radiance of
The summer sun,
In the golden hue of
The soul’s bright flame…

I light the match
And call your name.

(copyright Beth Rees)

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